A LOVELY NOTEJune 19, 2015



A lovely note of appreciation.....

"I just wanted to thank you and Effort Trust for your wonderful donation to our Charity BBQ on behalf of the Ron Joyce Centre and McMaster Sick Kids Foundation.

Due to Effort Trust's  generous donation to this very worthy cause, we were able to  raise $ 4850.00 for McMaster Sick Kids Hospital in Hamilton.

Because of your wonderful donation, you were one of our 2 main sponsors. This ensured all the 400 + guests that came to our BBQ what a wonderful donation Effort Trust made. We also reserved an Effort Trust private table in our Great Hall.

As this was our first year in doing this Charity BBQ and found it very rewarding, we look forward in partnering again next year with Effort Trust.

Thank you for everything.



Director of Food Services

Brown's Dining Solutions          

McMaster University

Ron Joyce Centre"

On behalf of Effort Trust we humbly accept your thanks and look forward also, to supporting this cause in the future.

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