Around HamiltonJuly 18, 2014

Around Hamilton

Around Hamilton

Hamilton has a reputation as an industrial town, but it has plenty of sights to see and lots to offer everyone. Read on to learn more about what the Hammer has to offer.

Bayfront District

Once a working tugboat, this refurbished 80-footer is now a playground at Pier 4, part of the Hamilton waterfront's cleaned up and revitalized Bayfront district. A lively place in summer, the Bayfront is home to trails, boat and sailing clubs, open-air concerts and a café.  The Hamilton Bayfront has a lot of different elevations and connects to different paths too, so if you want to head from the Bayfront to Princess Point or Westdale, you can just keep heading west! Great visuals, open spaces and being by the water definitely makes this a great running spot.
Royal Botanical Gardens
Canada's largest Botanical Gardens, the RBG has five garden areas, including RBG centre, Hendrie Park, Laking Garden & the Arboretum. It also has four nature sanctuaries, including Cootes Paradise

Cootes Paradise

Enjoying an early evening paddle at Cootes Paradise. The 250-hectare wetland is part of Hamilton's Royal Botanical Gardens.  Cootes Paradise provides a mix of running and walking trails as well as hiking, with narrow paths and windings. It puts you into the trees and out towards the water 5 minutes later. It makes for a very great place for the morning, but if you are going to go when the sun is going down, be sure you bring bug spray!


Art Gallery of Hamilton

Canadian artist Kim Adams' Bruegel-Bosch Bus is part of the Art Gallery of Hamilton's permanent collection. Housed in its own sculpture atrium, it's an essential viewing at the gallery. The piece took seven years to complete.


Local Art Crawl

The local Art Crawl takes place on the second Friday of every month, and involves galleries, shops and restaurants around the intersection of Cannon and James St North.


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