Back to SchoolSeptember 4, 2018

Back to School

Back to School

Welcome Back to School!


As parents and guardians it's an exciting time, sending off the future doctors, lawyers, plumbers, crossing guards, etc. of the world in hopes that they will develop good friendships and make it through recess without injuries. It is also a buy time for everyone around us with the teachers and all of the school administration back to work, the roads and sidewalks are particularly busier this time of year.


Road/sidewalk safety is just as important to teach as parking lot safety and just a general awareness of their surroundings. So while their teachers are in charge of math and English, it is our responsibility to ensure that our kids know when to cross a road, how to walk through a busy parking lot and how important it is to watch not only what other pedestrians are doing but what drivers are doing as well.


As a driver I often think of how beneficial it would be if all pedestrians had to take lessons on how to cross a street and know everything that a driver also needs to know about the rules of the road. A little more than that one day in grade one or two where the policeman comes to the class to talk about "being safe". Then I thought about that some more and came to the conclusion that they do need lessons, but that these lessons need to come from us; parents and guardians…..I guess the only problem that could arise is if none of the parents or guardians in their lives hold a driver's license.


Oh well, for now we will just have to do our best and get through another busy school year!

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