Big BikeJune 19, 2018

Big Bike

Big Bike


A very big CONGRATS goes out once again to the dedicated employees of Effort Trust that helped raise money for another worthy cause! In a joint Effort by the employees with their friends and families; this group of 'bike riders' was able to raise over $7,000.00 for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. 

Two big shout outs; first to Judy H for once again leading her team and effortlessly fund raising and putting this entire event together and also to Emma M for her rock-star fund raising of over $1,700 alone!

Everyone should be very proud of themselves for another great year: Effort Trust Champions! 

"2018 will be mark our 25th awesome year! The Big Bike now raises more than $8 million each year to help fund critical research."​1 


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