Big Bike for Heart & StrokeSeptember 23, 2013

Big Bike for Heart & Stroke

Big Bike for Heart & Stroke

Effort Trust and it's staff have been big supporters of the Big Bike Ride for the Heart & Stroke Foundation over the years.  This year was an exceptionally outstanding and great year for Effort Trust in support of this event.  Not only was this year a milestone for the Heart and Stroke Foundation celebrating its 20th Anniversary but for Effort Trust’s 8th consecutive year participating in the Big Bike.

The ET Riders really hit it out of the park this year and all of us at Effort Trust could not be more proud! Effort Trust’s leadership in the community continues to shine!

This year, the ET Riders managed to raise over $6,000 for the the Heart & Stroke Foundation.  Effort Trust won the TEAM SPIRIT AWARD  and also won the First HEART & STROKE BIG BIKE JOHN FORTINO OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTION AWARD.  Congratulations to all the ET Riders for 2013, well made us all so very proud!

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