Bowling for the BlindJanuary 29, 2016

Bowling for the Blind

Bowling for the Blind

When I was approached to go bowling on Valentine's Day I was a little apprehensive about saying yes. I got a text a few weeks ago that said "can you and 3 other people [my fiancé, my oldest daughter and his daughter] join me for bowling on February 14 to raise money for the 'blind kids'?" so I sighed and replied "I will ask everyone if they are available." He then replied "ok and you need to each raise at least $50 per bowler in pledges to participate". Great! I thought. Its Family Day weekend and Valentine's Day and I have to spend it in a busy bowling alley (I really don't mind bowling but not my first choice for 5 pin). I proceeded to confirm the availability of everyone to make up my team and finally responded that we would participate. Now to raise the money; and with the Holiday Season just passed I thought, how can I ask people to start dishing out money so soon?

Well aren't I selfish! Here I am worried about MY day being too hectic, and how I am going to ask people to support ME. I took a look at the big picture and quickly changed my attitude. You see my step-mother is legally blind and she is a member of the Canadian Council of the Blind and is the President of the Canadian Council of the Blind, JR Chapter. "Raise money for the blind kids"; this is what I was doing. This is what I was asking for others to help with.

I was ready to get things started and I was now on a mission! I needed to raise at least $200 as I had signed four bowlers up for this very worthy charity and I was going to ensure that we at least made the minimum per team. I quickly wrote up an email, explaining what I was doing and for what cause and sent it out to my fellow employees here at Effort Trust and WRS.

In my mind I thought there would be a few people that wouldn't mind donating a couple of dollars, even though so many of them had already contributed so much over the recent Holiday Season. I was wrong; MANY people donated and at a minimum of $5 each. I was over-the-moon!  Then my boss told me that Effort Trust would also like to make a donation. How wonderful! My daughter then brought a pledge sheet to her school and she alone rose over $80 as well.

Needless to say I surpassed my $200 goal. I will now hold my head high on Valentine's Day and spend the day having a great time bowling with my family on Family Day weekend! AND…… my team will now be presenting The Canadian Council of the Blind, JR Chapter a total of $650.

What a success! And to EVERYONE who helped make this happen, a HUGE THANK-YOU! Once again I proved that when asked, my Effort Trust/WRS family will always come through!

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