Bowling NightMarch 4, 2019

Bowling Night

Bowling Night

Beat the Winter Blues Bowling Night!


A fun night enjoyed by Effort Trust employees at Splitsville Bowling.  Perfect way to welcome March 2019 with the hopeful look to spring!

There were gutter balls, a lot of strikes, even three in a row!!  And oh yes… even a ball thrown the wrong way! 

We even learned what the 'Chicken' and 'Turkey' dances were to be done for.  Always an opportunity to learn!

But what made the evening great were the High Fives, the laughs and the comradery that happens when a group of colleagues enjoy an evening together and remember they're all part of the same Team.

A thank you to Splitsville Bowling for helping us to put this event together and to Stevee who looked after our area, she did a great job to make sure our service was top notch!

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