Recently, Effort Trust had the privilege of handing out a total of 400 Hamilton Bulldogs tickets for a Championship Bulldogs game to our residential tenants. Effort Trust has partnered with and supports the Hamilton Bulldogs' Foundation and all of their charitable EFFORTS! As a proud sponsor of the new 'Hamilton' sign, we also encouraged all ticket recipients to safely make your way to the new sign in front of City Hall either before or after the game and take photos with it. You were asked to send us your photos with the #HAMILTONSEFFORTS to rentals@efforttrust.ca no later than May 14 and check out our blog on May 18 to see if your photo is featured. A big thank you to all those that participated. Here are some great pics of the new Hamilton sign featuring some of the Effort Trust renters. 

Winner of the Jersey will be announced early next week! Stay tuned!  


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