Cancer AwarenessOctober 1, 2015

Cancer Awareness

Cancer Awareness

As I sit at my desk and reflect on the week passed I feel somewhat numb. This week I was all set to write about what October is all about for so many….Breast Cancer Awareness….and while I do want to focus on Breast Cancer awareness, I also need to make you aware of so much more.

This week was a sad one for the Effort Trust family as we buried a co-worker and friend that was sadly taken from this earth much too early. "Much too early", how many times do we hear that? How does this awful disease choose its prey? What factors in our lives decide our destiny? We can do everything right and it doesn't seem to matter and we can do nothing at all and live to a ripe old age!

Let's break the cycle. Let's fight back before the first blow. BE AWARE!

"To help reduce your risk of developing cancer, follow these general steps:


Live well. Make healthy choices.

•Be a non-smoker and avoid second-hand smoke.

• Keep a healthy body weight. Be active and eat well.

• Know the risks of alcohol. The less you drink, the more you reduce your risk.

• Protect your skin. Be safe in the sun and don't use tanning beds or lamps.

• Get enough vitamin D from the sun, supplements and your diet.


Be aware. Look after yourself.

• Know your body and watch for signs of cancer.

• Report any changes in your health to your doctor.

• Get screened and help find cancer early.

• Check your family's cancer history.

• Understand how hormones and infections affect your cancer risk.

• Get rid of harmful substances at work and at home."¹


My friend, as I mentioned, lost her battle this week. Although not to Breast Cancer specifically, we are told that the big C was involved. My heart and prayers go out to her family at this difficult time. All I will remember is how her and I danced every time we met up in the office (shhh don't tell our boss). I will never forget her smile and infectious laugh. She touched so many of us here and will be missed dearly.

Don't be a statistic if you don't have to be. AWARENESS is our first defense!


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In loving memory of Stephanie Salerno

June 21, 1964 – September 26, 2015


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