CitykidzNovember 25, 2016



Once again The Effort Trust Company along with the Law Office of Weisz, Rocchi and Scholes have chosen to support the organization CityKidz to help those less fortunate this Holiday Season.




"The Gift of Christmas" is specially designed to help offset the pressures both children and their families experience during the Holiday season with respect to the costs associated with gift-giving. Our dream is to bring HOPE, ease tension, and express LOVE in action for children by providing and personally selecting and wrapping a toy for each child and delivering it right to their home!


As a route sponsor, we have been given wish lists from specific families which have been chosen from our neighborhood to buy for.  This is anywhere from 40 to 80 children that each staff member participating will choose and purchase a gift for.


In December, our volunteers will arrange to bring the toys to the toy store and help wrap each toy which will be personally delivered to the children and the families' doors by our staff volunteers along with the CityKidz team who visits these children every week and brings them to the CityKidz or Kinder Kidz programs.


The Effort Trust Company and the Law Office of Weisz, Rocchi and Scholes are made up of many different personalities, nationalities, and religious beliefs. This year, once again, we will put all of that aside and come together to achieve one goal, the goal of giving!


The Effort Trust Company proudly supports organizations like the Good Shepherd, Neighbour to Neighbour and CityKidz, to name just a few, all year long, and especially during the Holiday season.

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