Decorating Apartment UnitsSeptember 16, 2016

Decorating Apartment Units

Decorating Apartment Units


With September here, it's back to school for many of the tenants within The Effort Trust Community. When moving into your apartment, it can be tricky to make that space feel like your own, whether it is for your first year or an entire degree, here are some decorating tips that will look great and won't destroy your walls or your wallet!

  1. Removable Wall Graphics

Removable wall graphics are a creative and fun way to dress up your walls without having to paint. Designs can be anything from simple inspirational quotes to intricate patterns. The graphics are very customizable and can range in price depending on size and quality.


  1. Removable Wall Hooks

If you've had to rent a space for any length of time, you may be familiar with the removable adhesive wall hooks to hang pictures, mirrors or your coats. You can use more than one hook for heavier objects.


  1. Use Bright Colours OFF of Your Walls

Sometime having white walls doesn't have to be the end of your decorating creativity. Choosing bright colours for your furniture and accessories (i.e. pillows, artwork, area rugs) to contrast the neutral walls can create an effect that is bold and original.


  1. Folding Screens

Folding screens can add texture and colour to any room. These screens can be used to create boundaries in and between rooms or as a backdrop to furniture.


  1. Add some flora to your living space!

Plants can add life and colour to any room creating a taste of the outdoors inside. Plants and flowers are especially great for creating oxygen and removing toxins from the air when opening the windows just isn't an option in our Canadian winters.

*Just remember, although you don't have to pay a security deposit in Ontario, you are responsible to return your unit to the same 'decor' that it was given to you in (unless you have permission otherwise), 

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