Effort Trust Employees Care!April 17, 2015

Effort Trust Employees Care!

Effort Trust Employees Care!

When it was brought to my attention that a fellow Effort Trust employee was truly making a difference in our world I had to look further into this. Mr. Antonio Blanco has been a Property Manager with Effort Trust for just over 2½ years now. He holds a generous portfolio mainly in the Hamilton West Mountain area and as I have discovered, is a very nice guy! When asked about what he has been up to in the last few years of his life (other than building a beautiful family with his wife), this is what he had to say;

"Since 2009 I have participated and co-lead several Mission Trips to different countries and regions, locally and internationally. I have had the opportunity to travel to South Africa, Malawi, Thailand, China and recently (2014) Ecuador.   

The main purpose of these trips is to connect and empower communities with tools and resources for sustainability and knowledge transfer in different areas. In a few words; equipping and supporting community church leaders, lay people and pastors.

Generally I get a small construction project related to an orphanage, a church a shelter or even a parsonage.  On our last trip to Guayaquil Ecuador I had a wonderful opportunity to connect with government officials, major(s), Health ministers and congressmen to secure a mobile dental clinic that benefitted over 500 children that wouldn't have access to those services otherwise.  The response was overwhelming and very encouraging, especially because I get to use my Spanish!

We also travelled to the Peruvian border and were able to organize a couple of conferences to small churches that required theological training as part of my ongoing divinity studies at McMaster Divinity College. I have found this to be a really fulfilling area as I get to walk the walk and share experiences with real people in the field.  


The next opportunity will be coming in October 2015 where I will be leading and putting a team together of 20-25 people to go to Guatemala. We will have to build part of a school for ERDO Emergency Relief and Development Overseas, one of the top 25 charity organizations in Canada as of 2014.  We will be partnering with them and will visit the 17 schools they have in the country. We will also be involved in some theological training and providing the local churches with activities for youth and children from the community in general, as we aim to create relationships with these new partners.  

The main focus is to build communities, not to change them or change the way of thinking but to learn from each other and exchange experiences and knowledge in a safe environment; building TRUST and relationships that will last a life time and will have an impact on generations to come. 

The key in society is unity not uniformity, and that is achieved through community. This is part of my passion for people and giving back to our communities locally and internationally."

On behalf of Effort Trust I'd like to congratulate Antonio on his honorable work. Effort Trust is proud and humbled by your kindness and willingness to assist those in need. Keep up the great work both here and all around the world!

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