ET WalkersSeptember 25, 2015

ET Walkers

ET Walkers

Note from a Co-worker;

"Once again a special THANK YOU goes out to our 'ET Walkers' - Alexandra & Ariana Kelly, Hardip Kaur, Lucy Campovari, Susan Crowley, Brittany Gingrich and our team leader Jennifer Mousseau for taking the time out to participate in the walk [last] weekend. The weather was a little questionable to start, but cleared up shortly after we started walking! 

A BIG Thank you is in order for Effort Trust, for their support and generous contribution to the BBQ and fundraising 'efforts'. Pulling together as a company and supporting the hospitals so that they can deliver the best possible care for the city and greater Hamilton area is what makes this community great.

The team total was a generous $1565.00!

There were some past patients who participated in the walk on Saturday (they wore orange shirts) and who shared their stories with everyone. It was touching to know our efforts directly impact people's lives and see them with their families and hear the stories of how their lives were saved by the services provided by the General and the staff that work there. It makes you realize without events like 'Strides' the hospitals would not have the equipment needed to help people."

That was a very nice thing to say Sheri and special thanks also goes out to you for your kind words to the company and your fellow walkers! You ALL did a great job and should be very proud of yourselves. Great Team Effort ladies!

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