Father's DayJune 17, 2016

Father's Day

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there. Whether you were blessed biologically or otherwise, you are celebrated particularly this upcoming weekend. So what are your plans? Do you have little ones that will bring you burnt toast and orange juice in bed with a macaroni tie that you will wear all day with pride, or are your offspring grown and perhaps stopping by with your grandkids? Maybe you prefer to spend some time alone or have a 'guys' weekend trip planned. Whatever the case, soak it up; it's probably the only weekend of the year you just might get away with most anything!

I know personally my father will spend his morning golfing and then join my brother and I with all of our family for a delectable barbeque at my house. A bit of a tradition since we were all grown and had families of our own. I am blessed in my family to have a strong patriarch, both biologically and in the "step" parent rolls. We use this opportunity to come together on a beautiful summer weekend and enjoy each other's company.

So take time to celebrate your dad. He might be living under the same roof as you or miles away. He might be gone and only live in your heart now. He might be someone who held you the day you were born, or someone you just met only a short time ago. Heck, he might even be a 'she'. A happy father's day also goes out to all women doing double duty out there. Whatever the case may be, find time to celebrate those who matter most in your world, and if that is someone you get to call 'father' celebrate them in a special way this weekend.    

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