Happy Holidays!December 25, 2015

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

Today is a day that many of us come together and celebrate what is called Christmas. Canada, having such a variety of people, also has such a vast population of those who do and do not celebrate this tradition. I personally celebrate Christmas. I was brought up doing so and it means a lot for me to have everyone around my dinner table on Christmas day to share in the love and laughter that I don't get to share in every other day of the year. Whether Christmas has become 'commercialized' as some say or not, it still means something in my home. For me it's not about gift giving or receiving, but about love sharing and spirit lifting! Even if you do not celebrate Christmas in your home, it doesn't mean that you cannot find it in your heart to be kind to your fellow man/woman. There are always people in need. They are of all races and beliefs, that celebrate Christmas and do not.We are all human beings. No matter who you are, there is always someone who is less fortunate than you.

If you can donate money, give generously. If you can donate food, feed the hungry. If you can donate toys and clothes, give to the children who don't have any. If you can donate time, spend it volunteering at a local senior's home, orphanage or shelter. Here at Effort Trust we too have a vast variety of people and beliefs among our staff. Some of us celebrate Christmas, some Hanukkah, and others don't celebrate anything on this particular day. We do however find a way to put all our differences aside and help as many as we can. Generosity only has one face. We all live in Canada. We are one Nation and the weather gets chilly around here this time of year. I hope that everyone can find a way to share the warmth. A simple smile and a heartfelt hello can go a long way. So to those who celebrate, a very Merry Christmas to you. To those who do not, I wish you a safe and happy holiday season. May everyone find comfort and joy today and always.

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