Holiday Decorating Your ApartmentNovember 29, 2013

Holiday Decorating Your Apartment

Holiday Decorating Your Apartment

Ready to decorate your apartment for the holiday season?  Come on…unleash your creative spirit and realize the full potential of holiday decorating for your home at Effort Trust.  Here are a few low-cost options that can brighten your apartment:

Holiday Lights – The quickest way to add cheer to your home is by stringing up some holiday lights.  You don’t have to worry about using up space when you string them around the windows in your apartment.

Natural Items – The world around your apartment building may provide you with the perfect holiday decorations. Walk around your apartment building and look for leaves and pine cones.  If you do not have anything around your home, go to a local park.  You can take these items and paint them to look festive.  You may also leave the items in a natural state and place them in glass bowls on tables.  This takes a little crafty talent, but gives a very earthy and authentic look if done properly.

Candle Holders – Many people associate candles with the holiday season. Candles add light and personality to a dark or otherwise bland room. You may allow guests to feel comfortable, and it does not cost a lot of money to purchase candles. You may use green, red, or gold candles that emphasize the theme. However, if this is not possible, you may use white candles. Once a few candles are inside of your home, place them in a used wine or beer bottle. You may also use general glass bottles.

Window Decorations: Place decorations such as snowflakes and ornaments on your window or hang candy canes and evergreen around the window.  It will help to create a holiday vibe that your family and guests are sure to love.

There is nothing like living in a welcoming and cozy community during the holidays, and you can join us by taking a look at Effort Trust and our apartment offerings.  Happy decorating!

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