Kid Friendly HomeSeptember 15, 2017

Kid Friendly Home

Kid Friendly Home



1. Cut the clutter. Families should try to set aside time to clean out the apartment before each new season.


2. More specifically, toss excessive toys. Whittling down the collection can be difficult but oh so necessary.


3. Give children a space to call their own. Each child should have his or her own workspace desk or table. Even if it's just a corner of a shared room. 


4. Always have tools for creativity at hand. Keep sketch pads and coloring pencils near children's workspaces. Whether they're drawing or coloring or simply doing homework, it's important that kids have outlets for tapping into their imaginations. There is so much to choose from even at the local dollar store. 


5. Incorporate music. This can come in the form of a cool cd player or an iPod-docking speaker. Remember cool headphones to cut down on the apartment noise.


6. Bring the outdoors in. Nature is proven to have positive effects on people, especially kids. You can teach your kids about nature and caring for things by having potted plants or even fresh flowers.


7. Use art to decorate. Kids are inspired to see something beautiful on their walls too. Just because you have children doesn't mean you must sacrifice style.


8. Don't be afraid to mismatch. If you have more than one child sharing a bedroom, as is often the case, it's good to personalize and decorate in different accent colors. Kids will have a better sense of ownership (and be more likely to take responsibility) when something is clearly their own.


9. Prioritize with comfort and creativity. A lot of apartments feel cold and museum-like, but homes should be fun and comfortable. It's all about taking a more playful approach and remembering that kids will be kids.


10. Make sure your home reflects who you are. Make an adventure out of shopping a flea market together, or show off what's already at home by opting for cool bookshelves that can display trophies, mementos, and other objects that personalize the rooms.


Get your kids involved and take time to spend at least a few hours every day outside at a local park or recreation center. Fresh air and activity is important no matter where you live.

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