Around KitchenerAugust 1, 2014

Around Kitchener

Around Kitchener


Looking for something different to do in Kitchener this weekend? Well look no further. This Holiday (for most of us) Monday, take a bus, train, car, bike or walk to downtown Kitchener Ontario for the Cities Historical Ghost Walk.

The Historical Ghost Walk is an approximate 2 hour walk through streets of the south end of Kitchener, within the village of Doon.

​"Come see where the founder, Adam Ferrie Jr. once lived. Be taken back before Homer Watson's time of 1855 to the year of 1834. We'll discuss Adam Ferrie Jr.'s life and what he built which partially still stands today, the Doon Mills."¹

People who have been on these walks previously, say; "from seeing spirits and [being] touched with no-one else around or hearing their names being called to ghostly footsteps, you just never know what you will experience when attending [these] walks."²



Digital recorders

Other paranormal tools

The fee is $15.00 each with Food Items for the local Food Bank or $20.00 without


Doon Mills, 1780 Old Mill Road in Kitchener – Just a 20 minute drive from our Kitchener Apartment Rentals.

125 Indian Road

175 Queen Street North  

53 Water Street North

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