Leaving Is Never Easy!December 22, 2016

Leaving Is Never Easy!

Leaving Is Never Easy!

Mama bear has left the cave and her cubs are a little sadder today! It seems we are bidding farewell to some very dedicated employees this year. With thirty-four years as the 'face' of Effort Trust, it is time for us to send Christine on her way. As a dedicated worker for all those years she will truly be missed here.

When Chris started with Effort Trust she had a large 'switch-board' and she manually wrote out messages for each of the employees that were out of the office at the time. Today, with voice mail and email you would think that her job would have gotten easier over the years but as the company grew from just a hand full of workers to over 100 in the Hamilton office, Chris also had to grow too.

From her witty repertoire and knack to keep conversations short and (mostly) sweet, "reception" just won't be the same! She knows every name (and extension for that matter) of every employee here and is the first face that everyone sees when they arrive here. It takes someone very special to 'deal' with everything that has been thrown her way over the years and as she starts her new journey we wish her all the best, with palm trees and beaches, snuggles from grandchildren and quality time with her loved ones.

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