Mental Well-BeingMarch 1, 2018

Mental Well-Being

Mental Well-Being

Mental health is a topic that we as a society are slowly being encouraged to speak out about and I must say it is about time! Many people all around the globe are or will be affected in one way or another by mental health issues. Whether it be your own or those around you, it is so important that this topic is no longer swept under the rug, as it might have been even in my own parents' generation. The more aware we are about our thoughts and feelings and the thoughts and feelings of others, the better a community we will have. Living well is the key and that means that we should all strive to obtain mental well-being.

"Mental well-being is the capacity of people to feel, think, and act in ways that enhance the ability to enjoy life and deal with challenges. This means everyone, including those who are struggling or have a mental illness, has the capacity to feel good and function well in their lives."¹

 It takes just one person to break a community apart, but it can take an entire community to give just one person the encouragement and tools to put him or herself back together.

Focusing on our children, to ensure the "mental well-being" of our future generation, is also key. As noted in the article referenced below, we can all do five simple things to encourage this; "Connect, keep learning, be active, take notice and give back". Take time to read the article, take time to listen to others and take time to listen to yourself. We only have one life, we should all have a chance to live it the best we can.



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