Our EFFORT Is For YOU!December 11, 2014



The staff at Effort Trust has been extra busy this Holiday Season! We would like to take this opportunity to give a special thank-you to Danielle and her merry little Elves in our Residential department! This year the ladies in this department put together raffles and various collection boxes for all of the Effort Trust Family to join together and help support our Community.

Well, it is a HUGE success thus far and they are still going strong! One example of their kindness was adopting a small 'alternative' school. This week a few of the staff members from Effort Trust brought them juice boxes, granola bars, mittens, gloves, hats, scarves, mini gifts, grocery gift cards, other gift cards and a small financial contribution. One of the students looked at the juice boxes and granola bars and said; "this will be great for when some of the students come in hungry and need something to eat". Their hearts were warmed by the welcoming spirits of the students and staff. One teacher told our staff members that she teaches about the late Mr. Arthur Weisz to her classes, "because his story of success and hard work is inspirational and a good example for the teenagers".

In the next few weeks the Effort Trust staff will continue to collect non-perishable food, new and gently used winter wear and will be continuing to raise money to donate to several local areas in need. We acknowledge all of those that requested assistance this year from the Effort Trust Company as we try to spread as much cheer to as many as we possibly can.

So make an Effort yourself today! Give where you can, even giving your time is something very special! Every person counts. No child should be cold or go hungry. Let's join together and support our Community in any way we can!