Questions Frequently AskedJuly 22, 2016

Questions Frequently Asked

Questions Frequently Asked

Answers to Common Questions Asked by Potential Renters of Effort Trust;


Q. How do I find somewhere to live?

A. For all of the most up-to-date vacancies please visit the Effort Trust residential rental website; This site is updated every Monday and as often as possible. You may also email the rental department at; and request that a vacancy list is emailed to you. All phone numbers for the buildings with availability are provided on this list. Please note that Effort Trust does have a large amount of residential rental units and that we make every effort to keep this list as up-to-date as possible but that it can change on a daily basis and on-site staff will have the most recent info.


Q. How do I view a unit?

A. When you are ready to view a property that you might be interested in moving to, please contact the Superintendent (building staff) by telephone. (Many of the Supers do not have access to email on a regular basis). You also have the option of booking an appointment on-line through but please note that all of these inquiries go to one email address so if you choose to view units at several properties it is best to arrange this directly with the Super so that a date and time that suites both of you is determined.


Q. Can I book a viewing outside of 'normal' business hours?

A. The short answer is yes; as long as it is booked with the building staff by telephone. The on-line booking system cannot book appointments outside of 9am-5pm, Monday – Friday.


Q. How do I apply for an apartment?

A. Applications are provided to you at the location that you are applying to live at.


Q. Can I apply to more than one location?

A. You may choose to apply to more than one location/unit, however, please keep in mind that every time you submit an application, you give Effort Trust permission to perform a credit inquiry on you. All hits on your credit (good or bad) can negatively affect your overall credit score. You are also required to submit a 'contract deposit' in the amount of one months' rent with each application which upon approval of a unit will become your last months' rent. If you chose not to enter into tenancy after applying and being approved, you forfeit your deposit. If for any reason you are declined for the unit, the deposit will be returned to you without interest. 


Q. What if I don't live close enough to view the unit before I need to secure it?

A. If you have, or someone else has, viewed a unit on your behalf and you are prepared to apply for it 'out-of-town', we will require the following;

1.            Please go to this link and print an online application    

2.            Once you have filled this out and verified with the Superintendent at this building that the unit is still available, you may fill out the application in full, sign it, and courier it to the building at the address provided, with a copy of your proof of income and a certified cheque in the amount of the contract deposit - this will become last months' rent upon approval and signing of the Tenancy Agreement. (Please call the Super to confirm the availability and the amount required).

3.            The Superintendent or Property Manager will contact you once your application has been received and reviewed.

4.            If you are approved; when you arrive in Ontario it will be your responsibility to sign a one year lease (Tenancy Agreement) at the building and make arrangements to move in (failure to do so will result in a forfeit of your contract deposit).


Q. How do I qualify for a unit?

A. In order to be considered for a residential rental suite within the Effort Trust properties we require the following;

1.            References (current and previous landlords and two personal references, other than relatives).

2.            Proof of income.

3.            Permission to perform a credit inquiry (in order to determine how you have paid your bills).

4.            Certified cheque in the amount of the contract deposit – (this will become last months' rent upon approval and signing of the Tenancy Agreement).

5.            First month's rent is due upon approval and signing of a one year lease.


Q. What if I am told I am declined or I did not get the unit?

A. Please ask the person telling you this if you did not qualify or if you qualified but there was another application chosen. If you did qualify, you are welcome to apply to another property/unit (within 7 days of applying to the first unit if you don't want another credit inquiry performed). Please inform the on-site staff of the new property you would like to apply to that you may already have a credit enquiry available at Head Office. Please note that you will still be required to fill out an application for the new property and provide all of your pertinent information again. If you are told that you did not qualify or that you are declined; please be aware that when signing an application with Effort Trust you agreed to the following statement and placed your signature below this statement; "It is agreed that if this Application is rejected, the Landlord shall not be required to give reasons why." It doesn't matter how many people you ask, this answer will not change.


Q. Can I have a guarantor/co-signer?

A. If the Property Manager has reviewed your information and feels that you require a guarantor/cosigner, they will ask if you have one. If you chose to apply to a property with a guarantor/co-signer, please inform the Super that this person will not be an occupant of the unit.


Q. Do you accept pets?

A. While we do not encourage apartment living for any animals; rentals in Ontario maintain a pet friendly policy. Please be aware that a tenant can be evicted if they exceed the number of pets allowed or type of pets allowed within the City Bylaws, if the pet is making too much noise, damaging the unit, causing an allergic reaction to an existing resident, or is considered to be inherently dangerous. You may confirm with the Super of the building you are interested in if there are any specific concerns relating to that building.


Q. What is your policy on smoking in your unit?

A. Some buildings are attempting to make a "smoke free" environment, however, as much as this can be attempted, the way in which it is enforced will inevitably be the difficult part. The inside of a unit is not classified as a "common area" and therefore is not subject to the current laws and standards of Ontario's bylaws regarding "smoking in a public place". At this time Effort Trust does not warrant any buildings inside the private living area that a tenant occupies as; "non-smoking". Once the bylaws in Ontario become stricter and enforceable to this regard, this may be revisited and reviewed.


Q. Can you please send me pictures of the unit that is available?

A. Please note that we do not take pictures each time a unit becomes available as Effort Trust manages thousands of residential units in and around the Hamilton area. Please contact the Superintendent to book a viewing at your convenience.


Q. How long is a lease? / Do you have a unit available for less than a one year lease?

A. Unfortunately Effort Trust does not have short term rentals. There is a one year Tenancy Agreement required upon approval of a unit.


Q. Do you rent furnished apartments/suites?

A. Unfortunately Effort Trust does not have furnished rentals at this time. Some buildings are in the process of renovating and providing furnished guest suites for residents' guests in their building, however this is not offered in many locations until further notice.


Q. If I already live in an Effort Trust apartment/suite, can I transfer to another building?

A. Please be aware that Effort Trust does not transfer tenants from one building to another as there are different owners for different locations. You are welcome to submit at least 60 days' notice from the first of the month, provided you are not currently in a lease, and apply for the unit of your choice. Your good rental history with Effort Trust will certainly contribute to the approval process. Please be aware that you are not guaranteed to be accepted at another Effort Trust location solely based on this though. You will need to meet qualifications as any new tenant would and will be required to pay first and last month's rent. (If you would like to be transferred within the building that you live in, please speak with your Superintendent regarding this possibility.)


Hopefully this will assist in some common inquiries that you may have. When in doubt, just pick up the phone and call the building staff of the location you are enquiring about.






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