RetirementNovember 18, 2016



We said "see you later" to a friend today. Gone from Effort Trust but never to be forgotten. It was her time to take care of things at home. Time for her to devote all of her energy to someone else who needed her more. Was she ready to retire……maybe. Was she ready to stay home and take care of herself and her loved ones there…..probably. She spent most of her adult life at Effort Trust. From answering phones she worked her way up the corporate ladder all the way to a well-respected office Manager. It's not easy leaving something that you are used to doing day in and day out. Some of the 'youngens' here joke that they would love to be retiring. That is probably because they haven't yet dedicated their entire lives to one thing in particular. You become a permanent fixture with a company that treats you well and starting a new chapter outside of that can often be a scary thing to do.

A new chapter is necessary though Susan. You put in your time. You sacrificed here at work all the while raising a family at home. You have watched your children grow and become well rounded adults with families of their own and more to come for each of them. It is now your time. Whatever may be at home, you will get through it. You are a strong woman. You had to be with an office full of so many different personalities and needs that you managed to keep up with.

You made many friends, and maybe a few frenemies. But you always managed to keep it together. Keep a level head. You were a great role model for anyone who entered through the Effort Trust doors. You showed dedication in your job and to the people you worked not only for but with. Today we say "see you later" and hope that you know we at Effort Trust will always have a place in our hearts for you

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