Summer is HereJune 20, 2014

Summer is Here

Summer is Here

It may have been a long and tough winter, but the summer solstice of 2014 is finally here and with it, the longest day of the year! On the first day of summer this year, we'll have over 15 hours of daylight. So after what seemed like an eternity of cold days and miserable weather, how will you spend your first wonderful day of summer?

This weekend in Stoney Creek, the annual Ciderfest ( June 20 – 21) is being hosted by Puddicombe Estate Farms and Winery. This festival showcases many vendors offering up their best cider for your enjoyment, food trucks and two days of concerts! Check out for more details and concert schedule.

Kitchener-Waterloo will be celebrating the first day of Summer with the Summer Lights Festival. From 9:00pm to 2:00am, Downtown Kitchener and Uptown Waterloo will have events planned all over the city. has all the information you'll need to plan an exciting Summer solstice night!

If you're looking to be active and adventurous, you could check out the countless beautiful hiking trails and walkways that are scattered throughout Hamilton. Some trails may even offer a beautiful waterfall at the end of the path. Check to find maps for your area. You never know what hidden gems you could find in your own backyard!

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