Super Bowl 50February 5, 2016

Super Bowl 50

Super Bowl 50


To those of you that watch football, or just love get-togethers with great snacks, this is an exciting weekend for you. So what side are you on? Are you team-Payton or team-Cam? I can't decide really. I like both teams and they both certainly deserve to be where they are after this years' season. Problem is, in my house, if I am not supporting a certain 'black cat' it may not be such a happy household!


Oh well, I'll survive. After all, without me, no one will have any of those tasty snacks!  I actually have friends that ONLY get together for the food. None of them watch or follow football at all. And the half-time show makes it all so entertaining. What I find entertaining, is watching all the grown men yell at the TV and cry when their team doesn't do what they are supposed to. It makes the game all worthwhile.


So whether you are watching your favorite team/sport, munching and chatting or ignoring the television all together and curling up with a good book, have a warm cozy evening in and enjoy!

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