Taking Time To Donate!December 18, 2015

Taking Time To Donate!

Taking Time To Donate!

"This is Landon, he is an amazing kid who loves trucks and cars and playing with his many cousins. He absolutely loves his big brother and he adores his baby sister. His mummy and daddy mean the world to him. On August 27th, a month before his 4th birthday Landon's eye had moved to the corner of his eye socket and he had a routine appointment to get glasses. The doctors did a CT scan and our lives all came crashing down. They found a tumor on his brain that was cancerous. On August 29th he had brain surgery to remove it. The doctors held off on chemo so he could try and enjoy his 4th birthday and two days later his chemo therapy started. Landon has had a very tough time being in and out of the hospital and now unfortunately he has to be moved to Toronto Sick Kids for three months as his chemo is so aggressive he needs to be in isolation and watched carefully. Landon will not be home for Christmas. My sister, Landon's dad and their little girl will be staying at the Ronald McDonald house (hopefully) during this time."

To the Effort Trust Residential Department;

"Thank you soooo much from the bottom of our hearts for helping this little guy and his family get through this very tough time. With thoughts, prayers and help he will beat this and win!!!!

Thank you for your time and for reading all about my little nephew he is one extraordinary kid!"