THANKS!April 10, 2015



Recently Effort Trust advertised an Easter Egg hunt in the Hamilton community and helped sponsor this event. This is what the organization running it had to say.......

"Thank you so much for the Support. 

The event was a huge hit. We collected more food donations than ever before and The Living Rock Ministry was so happy to receive them. The Ti-Cats made it out with a bouncy castle and draw prizes. The new cotton candy machine and the snow cone machine purchased with a neighborhood grant were a huge hit. Every child could receive one snow cone and one cotton candy free. Overall the event was a huge success.

Thank you so much for the support. Your contribution allows the organizers &  volunteers to focus on making the event really special without worry & burden of whether the funds will be available in time or at all. Thank you so much."

Kudos to everyone that was involved in putting this together and making it an enjoyable day for the families that were able to participate!

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