Vacation VS Stay-cationJuly 8, 2016

Vacation VS Stay-cation

Vacation VS Stay-cation

Would you like to be on a lounger with your feet in the sand, in front of an ocean, sipping something cool and refreshing by day and touring a City for its well-known wines, art and food cultures?


Here are some top vacation spots (according to the internet);

1. Bocas del Toro, Panama   

The Isthmus of Panama is home to some of the purest natural beauty in Latin America: dense tropical rain forests, wide savannas, coral reefs bursting with aquatic life, and delightfully deserted beaches.

2. Guadalajara, Mexico

Mexico's second city is a hotbed of creativity, thanks to an ebullient jazz scene, the popular Guadalajara International Book Fair, a prestigious film festival, and a well-supported community of visual artists.

3. Richmond, Virginia

Virginia's capital, with its Civil War monuments, distinctive architecture, and intriguing galleries, has started to draw a cosmopolitan crowd. For an ideal weekend trip, start by checking in to the new Quirk Hotel, in a former department store.

4. Lille, France

With cobblestoned streets, historic buildings, and preeminent museums, Lille, just an hour from Paris, has all the trappings of a charming destination.

5. Lanai, Hawaii

With no traffic lights and just one airport runway, Lanai is the anti-Oahu.

6. Hangzhou, China

For more than a millennium, artists, poets, traders, and explorers have been drawn to the idyllic scenery of Hangzhou's vast West Lake.

7. Douro Valley, Portugal

For centuries, Portugal's Douro Valley, the world's first officially designated wine region, has drawn people for not only its port but also for the postcard-pretty landscapes.

8. St. Helena

Discover sea turtles and the occasional whale while snorkeling in Rupert's Bay and traverse the dramatic Diana's Peak. In the island's misty hills, the Longwood House museum is an evocative reminder of Napoleon's life on the island.

9. Kochi, India

Kochi, the historic center of the Indian state of Kerala, has undergone quite a makeover. This year, it hosts the third Kochi-Muziris Biennale, the country's influential contemporary art exhibition.

10. Aarhus, Denmark

Denmark's second city rarely gets a moment in the limelight, since its big sister Copenhagen takes much of the glory. But Aarhus, the picturesque canal town on the east coast of the Jutland peninsula, is shining this year, particularly on the culinary front.




Would you like to be sitting in a lawn chair on a deck you supervised being built, in beautiful Puerto Backyardo, reading a book and admiring all of the new shrubbery you just planted?


Here are some ideas that can get you ready to enjoy your time at home;

1. Take stock of your shrubs and trees, removing dead branches and pruning as necessary. Replant shrubs that have been pushed out of the soil during the spring thaw.

2. Do a critter check. Examine shrubs, trees and your home's foundation for evidence of unwanted guests, including rodents and insects.

3. Look for and eliminate stagnant water (in birdbaths, for example, and gutters) where mosquitoes might breed when the weather warms up.

4. Check to make sure your grill is in working order before making plans to cook out. Scrub grates with a nylon brush or a non-scratch sponge. Wash down inside surfaces with dish soap and water, rinse well and dry thoroughly. You can wipe the exterior with a sponge and warm soapy water.

5. Grow your grass higher. Short grass requires more water during dry periods. You'll water and mow less if you wait until the lawn is 3 inches high before cutting it.

6. Decrease your lawn size. Shrubs and flowers native to your area require less attention and water than grass, so repurpose some lawn space. You'll save on gas for mowing, too.

7. Decorate and add personalized touches. Bring the indoors outside with colourful pillows, candles and even a rug. An up-cycled antique door or window looks great propped up or mounted on a fence. Get creative

8. Make your vibrant garden a focal point of the backyard with earth-friendly and beautifully designed products.

9. Give your plants a boost. Don't forget, plants need food to grow too – and there are many different types of fertilizer available at your local gardening store. From organic to liquid to granular, the right one can help your garden to blossom. Be sure to ask a gardening expert what's best for your particular flora and fauna.

10. Swab the deck. Sweep and wash your deck with soap and water. Hose down any lawn furniture and umbrellas while you're at it.


Either way, if you can swing it, a couple days on the weekend, or an entire week (or two) off work, is just what you need in order to rejuvenate and keep you sane!

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