When Looking for a Senior's ResidenceJuly 25, 2014

When Looking for a Senior's Residence

When Looking for a Senior's Residence

When looking for a senior's residence, there are a few things that are important to look into before making the final decision. You may want to follow these guidelines when choosing yours:

1. Location: If you do not own a vehicle, make sure the residence is located close to amenities. Important locations to be close to would include Hospitals and/or Medical buildings, the Go Station, food markets, shopping and restaurants.

2. Convenience: It would be practical to live somewhere that is fully equipped with kitchens, yet also provides the option of dining in a dining room within the residence. Make sure to look into the cost of meal plans.

3. Additional Amenities: This could include things like: A rooftop terrace, a library, game room and exercise room.

4. Entertainment: It's always a good idea to live somewhere that has some sort of entertainment. Options could include: Pub Night, bingo, yoga/exercise classes, games, movie nights and any other fun activities.

5. Laundry: Having the choice of doing your own laundry or having it done for you is always something that will come in handy. Some days you might just be too busy to get it done.

6. Community: Having a great sense of community among the residents is very important. You want to build friendships with the people around you.

7. Great Staff: Having staff on call 24 hours, 7 days a week is something every residence should offer.

8. Security: Choosing a residence that leaves no room for worries will help with adjusting to your new surroundings. At some residences, every resident receives an emergency pendant, which adds another level of security.

9. Health: A pharmacy should be located within the residence, just in case you need something in a hurry.

10. Cleanliness: You can tell which buildings are well looked after and which ones are not. Make sure the residence is very clean and safe before choosing to live there.

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