Why Renting is SmartMay 26, 2014

Why Renting is Smart

Why Renting is Smart

There are many reasons why renting an apartment may be a wise decision.  In today's posting, we take a look at a few of the reasons why renting is a great option for many people.


1) Avoid Unexpected Costs

By renting, you avoid the unexpected repair and replacement costs of home ownership.  Things like repairs to the furnace, air conditioner, roof, windows, and property maintenance are all included in your rent.


2) Financial Flexibility

A vast potion of your income isn't tied up in your mortgage payments, property tax and monthly maintenance bills.  Instead, when you rent, you have more financial flexibility which you can take advantage of to save for retirement, your children's education, vacations, and entertainment.


3) Live Where You Want

Renting a home is less expensive than buying a home which means if your goal is to live downtown in a city rather than suburbia, it becomes a more affordable option.


4) Move with Ease

Changing jobs and cities is a much simpler process when you do not have to worry about selling a home.


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